Become an ambassador

Our ambassador program is finally here! This allows you to be a part of Ven Detta, working your way up the ambassador ladder gaining better rewards the higher you climb.

How does it all work?

  1. Sign up at to make your ambassador account.
  2. Post your link to fans/followers/friends
  3. Get 10% from every sale made through your referral link!

Tier 1

Sign up and start making 10% of sales made through your link!

E.g. A follower of yours makes an order of £100 after visiting our website using your link. You will be be given 10% of £100 sale = £10.

Tier 2 

Once you have reached 5 orders through your referral link we will send you out any one item from our collection plus a personal 5% off coupon code to share along with your referral link.

Tier 3

Once you have reached 50 orders through your referral link and coupon code we will send you any 5 items from our collection. Your percentage return from sales will then rise to 20%.

Tier 4

Once you have reached 100 orders we will contact you directly with an opportunity to create your own piece of clothing available to buy through our site with 50% of its profits going straight back to you! You will also receive 2 more items of clothing from our range of your choice.

Where to share your link and coupon code?

We recommend that you share your referral link and coupon code in your bio on Instagram as this is a perfect way for your followers, fans and family to see it.

Adding them to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook post has also shown great success.

So what are you waiting for? Start climbing the ladder now to gain big rewards!